My name is Antoinette and I have been a teacher of French as a Foreign Language for almost 30 years. Originally from Paris, I have lived in New Zealand since October 1985 and in Wellington since 1995.

After having taught in several secondary schools and other institutions in New Zealand (University of Victoria, Alliance Française), I started to organise conversation groups for people who had already been learning French and wanted to keep developing their level of proficiency.

If you too wish to keep practising your French you will find here some documents I created throughout the years to explain some French grammar points or offer short texts I have written and recorded on various topics.

If you plan to travel to France you will also find:

  • interesting sites
  • useful addresses
  • lists of handy phrases for travellers

If you are interested in revising or learning a few key French phrases for travellers in preparation for your trip, I have also designed an ‘à la carte’ course for Travellers covering the essential points of typical situations.

As I also really like cooking and trying out new cooking recipes you will also find the ones I have enjoyed and wanted to keep.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

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